Tuesday, January 31, 2012

5 Funny Facebook Timeline Covers / Banners Photos

Here are the top 5 funniest Facebook timeline profile covers/banners photos I've stumbled upon. i found these funny cover pictures from a website named Facebook Profile Covers. So, go ahead use these covers and give a good laugh to the people who visits your Facebook timeline profile.

Click on the cover photo for the larger preview and set it as your timeline cover.

1. Video Games

2. He Killed Your Dad

3. Wanted

4. Use Mine

5. Wasted Space

I hope you liked these covers, stay tuned we'll post more funny Facebook timeline covers.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Facebook Timeline Profile Covers, Apps, Features

Timeline, the story of your life. Facebook has decided to step forward in the way that users can use it. Facebook Want to become more than just a social network linked to the present, wants to be our online autobiography.

That's what he wants with the first of the novelties presented at the keynote today: a complete change in our profile and our way of sharing that lets go of the past, which gives more importance to the chronology of our lives that is designed to share more things at once, you can access them later (and also expose more of our lives).

"The heart of the experience Facebook, rethought from scratch," so Zuckerberg has introduced its Timeline.

Timeline is more than just a timeline like twitter, as might appear by name: it is a complete chronology that makes Facebook into something of a digital autobiography and it's automatic.

Displays events, images, updates considers important applications.

Also, ability for the user the to go back in time and look for status updates, photos or anything else going to the time when they occurred.

The idea is to add content to Timeline that allows not only the most current, but also at any time in your biography. If you want to put pictures of 1980, when there was no Facebook, you can do it.

Facebook Timeline Covers
You can set a large image on your timeline profile which is called a cover. You can express yourself more with your Facebook covers.

What is Timeline for applications and profiles?

Facebook team says it has discovered that the user wants to use some applications to express themselves and to tell things about yourself .

Thus, Facebook introduced the Reports, in which applications are collecting user information. And the user decide which apps appear in your timeline to "express who you are," said Zuckerberg.

The third piece that Facebook wants to change with Timeline is the way to share content. Want to give users the ability to customize their profiles, their chronology , change to your liking.

Timeline will be available within weeks, but today the applications that are compatible with it and begin to be open to all users.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Funny Cover For Facebook Timeline Profile

Here is a very funny Facebook cover for your newly launched FB timeline profile. Save the image and upload it as your cover.
Stay connected with us for more lkatest Facebook profile covers.

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